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The actual values of different testosterone esters:

Base: 100mg
Acetate: 83mg
Propionate: 80mg
Isocaproate: 72mg
Enanthate: 70mg
Cypionate: 69mg
Phenylpropionate: 66mg
Decanoate: 62mg
Undecanoate: 61mg
Undecylenate: 60mg
Laurate: 56mg

Agovirin Depot Biotika 50mg / 2ml = 50mg real testosterone
Testozon Acetate INMED 100mg / 1ml = 83mg real testosterone
Testolic Body Research 100mg / 2ml = 80mg real testosterone
Testosteron depo Galenika 250mg / ml = 175mg real testosterone
Testosterone Cypionate Injection Genesis 250mg / ml = 172,5mg real testostrone
Nebido Bayer 1000mg / 4ml = 600mg real testosterone